Soap Splash

pH 11 - Alkaline cleaner.

Available in 500ml with either amber glass or amber PET plastic.

Acidic cleaners are best for removing mineral deposits, rust stains or discolouration from copper and other metals.

From £6.50


How Our Soap Splash Cleaner Works

 Fats and oils (e.g. food and some bodily residues) are acidic, and so alkaline cleaning products are required in order to break them down and make them easier to remove from a surface or fabric..  Our soap Splash is made using liquid soda crystals 

Available in 500ml amber glass, or amber plastic containers   Each spray comes with a black trigger head that can be set to either a spray or jet.

For Kitchens

Great at removing food particles

For Bathrooms

Great at removing soap scum from around the bath tub and sinks

 Removes Organic  Matter

General Cleaning

Suitable for most surfaces around the home where an added  


Each product is made to order using non toxic ingredients.  Both glass and plastic bottles are returnable, recyclable or reussable.  Its up to you what you do with them.