None of our Smellies range contain toxic perfumes or paraffin wax.  Most of our products are vegan apart from those that contain beeswax.  Pure Aura only use natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils.  These oils are blended to create an array of luxurious goodies that will leave your home smelling great, without any toxins. 


Pure Aura's Smellies Range

Whether you are looking for a snazzy spray for the bathroom, fridge deodorisers or candles, we supply a array of products that will leave you home smelling fresh.

Air Linen Spray - 300ml

Pure Aura's Air Linen spray is great to use all around the home.  Great for freshening up textiles and the air.  We also love spraying it on the radiator or mixing some with water in an oil burner.  Available in a variety of amazing scents.

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We hand make both beeswax and vegan friendly candles, that not only smell great, but look amazing.  Containing NO paraffin nor toxic perfumes, just wax and essential oils.  We also have an upcycled range.

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Deodorising Powder - 100g

This versatile powder can be used all around the home, including carpets, bin, trainers and anywhere that has a bad odor. 

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Deodorising Blocks

These fabulous blocks are great at keeping your fridge and bins fresh, and when they loose their luscious scent they can be used as a hoover deodoriser.

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Scented Sachets

The Pure Aura team are always collecting lots of natural goodies to bring you these amazing Scented Sachets.  Available in two sizes and their natural scent last for over 7 days.

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Wax Melts

Beeswax an vegan wax melts that smell divine and also help purify the air.

Long lasting scents

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