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The Science Behind Pure Aura Cleaning Products

As with medical science, cleaning science relies heavily upon indicators of the problem.  What is important to remember about cleaning is that at its most elementary level, it is an attempt to neutralise the impact of acidic or alkaline ions in a stain or soiling. So if you wish to clean a soil that is acidic, you should use an alkaline cleaning product, and vice-versa.m

Pure Aura Products

No Phthalates, No Triclosan, No 2-Butoxyethanol & No Ammonia.

Our products are made with 100% non toxic, natural ingredients.  Even some eco brands contain toxins that do not need to be in the ingredients list.  All our ingredients are listed so you will get no nasty surprises.  Most of Pure Aura's products are Vegan, with exemption's of items containing beeswax (Wood Wax & Beeswax Candles).  None of our products are tested on animals.  


From Air Linen sprays to pot pourri and candles our Smellies range has an array of naturally scented products to keep your home smelling beautiful, without those harmful toxins.

Upcyled Bits n Bobs

Our staff love to get creative sometimes and make a selection of upcycled and recycled products, including home decorations, jewellery and tote bags.  Check out our Etsy site for gift ideas.

Unlike most cleaning products Pure Aura products do not contain phthalates, hidden in most ingredients list as fragrance or perfume.  We use only quality essential oil blends that smell fantastic and have an array of health benefits.