pH 7 - Neutral cleaner.

Available in 500ml with either amber glass and a black trigger head that can be set to jet or spray.  Great for use on;

  • Windows & Glass
  • Wood, Marble & Granite
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms

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How Our Everyday Cleaner Works

With the PH being Neutral, makes this Everyday cleaner great to use on all surfaces.  It is not abrasive and great as an all round cleaner that can be used anywhere.   Being neutral also makes this amazing cleaner gentle on your skin as well as being safe for the environment.

For Windows & Glass

Make sure the trigger is set to spray.  Spray at a distance of roughly 15cm and wipe with either a lint free cloth or kitchen towel for an added shine.

 Marble,  Stone & Granite

Everyday is pH Neutral so it is gentle enough to use on the most delicate hard surfaces.  Spray onto surface and wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

Ideal for Wooden Surfaces

Being pH neutral make this product safe enough to use on wood.  Why noy try our Wood Reviver to give your clean wood the natural shine is deserves.  

General Cleaning

Gentle enough for everyday cleaning and dusting tasks around the home.


Each product is made to order using non toxic ingredients.  Both glass and plastic bottles are returnable, recyclable or reusable.  Its up to you what you do with them.  

See What People Are Saying

"Smells like Christmas!"

Directions of Use

For general cleaning use the mist function, spray at a distance of 30cm and wipe with a damp, micro fibre cloth. For glass, mirrors, glasses and computer screens spray on to surface  at 20cm, and wipe with a dry, lint free cloth or kitchen roll, buff with an old newspaper if necessary. 

Test in an inconspicuous area first. 

 Keep out of reach of children.


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