Cleaning Products

Most common stains and soils are acidic, and thus the majority of cleaning products are formulated to be alkaline. As we all know, pure water is ‘neutral’, and cleaning products with a pH close to 7 are not usually regarded as being harmful to the skin or delicate surfaces.

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Pure Aura's Cleaning Product Range

This range has been developed over the sp

These cleaners have a PH of 7 and are ideal for everyday use and are non corrosive and suitable for most surfaces.  Safe enough to use on wood, glass, computer screens, plastic and many other surfaces.

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Soap Splash 

pH 11

This cleaning spray is pH11 making it an alkaline that is brilliant at removing organic matter such as food particles and fats and grease.  Works great in the bathroom and kitchen and comes in four amazing scents.  To be used when Everyday isn't enough.

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This Almighty Spray will help get rid of those nasty limescale deposits left on tiles, glass and aluminium.  With a pH3 makes it an acidic cleaner, great for removing non organic matter.

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Wood Reviver - pH 7.5

This Wood Reviving Oil gives some natural moisture your wood is calling out for, leaving it looking as good as new.  

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Cleaning  Powder - pH 11

Our Cleaning Powder is great at cleaning ovens and tougher household messes.  It can be made into a paste to tackle all kinds of stuck on grime from cooker hoods to tile grout.  

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Pure Auras beautifully blended essential oil blends have a variety of different uses around the home as well as having an array of health benefits.

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Lemon, Orange & Peppermint Essential Oils.

Minty & Stimulating


Lemon, Orange & Tea Tree Essential Oils

Medicinal & Cleansing


Orange &  Lemon Eucalyptus, Essential Oils

Sweet & Refreshing 


Orange, Lemon &  Lime Essential Oils

Sweet & Refreshing 

Pure Essential Oils

We source our essential oils from quality suppliers

What our customers are saying

Products not only work but smell divine.  Its reassuring to know that there are no toxins in these products.  

Layla Shannon - Bournemouth