The Science Behind

Pure Aura

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How Does pH Effect Cleaning Preformance

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Everyday - pH7 - 500ml

This cleaning spray is pH 7, meaning it is neutral and safe to use on most surfaces, including wood, stone and marble.  It is also great to use on glass, mirrors and computer screens, leaving a brilliant shine.

Soap Splash - pH 11 - 500ml

This amazing spray is great for use around the home.  It is soap based and with its high pH, making it ideal for cleaning kitchen worktops, soap scum around the sink or bath, and for general claning where our Everyday Spray needs a boost.  

Almighty - pH 3 - 300ml

Pure Aura's Almighty Spray is tough on limescale and non organic matter, while being gentle on the environment.  Its pH of 3 makes it acidic 

Wood Reviver - pH7 - 150ml

Our Wood Reviver brings old wood back to life, giving the moisture it needs to shine.   

Our Ingredients


We only use distilled water in all our products.

Citrus Vinegar

Our citrus infused white vinegar is the main base for our Everyday and Almighty  products.

Soda Crystals

Pure  Aura use both liquid soda crystals and soda crystals in our products.

Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarbonate of soda is used in many of our products as it is great at deodorising and has many uses in cleaning.


Pure  Aura use both liquid soda crystals and soda crystals in our products.

Vegan Waxes

We use soy wax and carnauba wax in our Vegan friendly Wax Melts & Candles.


We only use natural preservatives such as citric acid, vitamin e oils and vegetable glycerine.  No hidden nasties.


All of our cleaning sprays are provided in amber glass bottles, that can be recycled, reused or sent back to us for a refill.  

Essential Oils

Pure Ara only use therapeutic grade oils that are sourced from sustainable suppliers.